Grand Opening Cosplayers

Zezo Emad

Zyad emad Cosplayer

Professional cosplayer, have several works and talented, with his charisma and his awesome personality he won people love, a smile that never left his face and cosplay that crafted by his hand show how much pro he is... don't miss following his link to find his lastest works

ElGara4 Workshop

Cosplayers workshop

The team that is always dedicated to crafting props for cosplayers with passion and professionalism, always cosplayers count on them to deliver the best props .. follow and find the last pieces they made


Maggie Cosplayer

Magnificent girl that love cosplaying for long time , and she always surprises her community with amazing cosplay that she spent ages to show the best in it 
follow her social media links that you will feel excited while you surf on it


Radwa Cosplayer

A gorgeous cosplayer and model, She has the passion to be more famous and skilled in the community of cosplay
Follow her social media links to get her latest creations

Angelic Lotus

Sara Amr Cosplayer

Egyptian cosplayer with a lovely hyperactive personality, she addicting for gaming and anime, you can touch her unique charisma once you talk to her, she always picks her cosplay carefully and spent hours to produce high-end cosplay with granting every single detail is right...don't miss her social links to know more about Angelic Lotus.


Salma Amr Cosplayer

Pro. cosplayer that you will never expect her princess personality, but when she comes as a cosplayer she rocks the land like earthquake.


Esraa Helmy Cosplayer

every time we found her in the event we found limitless energy comes from her cosplay, she has the courge and the motive to let you love the cosplay main character from her cosplay detials , she didn't wear only the cosplay but she also copy the personality for the cosplay that she comes with 
don't miss her links to find out more about her