About Us

Gamer shards are the first gamers community that aiming to be the biggest HUB for gamers and serving them in Egypt and the middle east since we establish our this project in 2018 we are targeting all gamers and cosplayer to serve them by several products that targeting to boom them gaming experience and to filter them needs by collecting games news, save gamers money, and to let them engage in one Arabian community with Egyptian flavor Gamer is everyone interested in playing game whatever his type, device, or age Shards are the small parts that gamer collecting in games to level up the character that they play with or to upgrade the gears in-game In Gamer Shards, we collect the gamer community in one place to level up our community to reach the highest level of gaming experience and gamers services

Why To contact us

it's our plasure to communicate with Our shards and Gamers