Welcome To Gamer Shards

The first gamers community that aiming to be the biggest HUB for gamers & Cosplayers

Our Vision

With the professional crew in Gamer Shards that believes that we can reach gamers dreams by facilitating them requirement and to have fare market that commits with gamer needs with best price competes with the international market and gaining international gaming event that to can be compared with a foreign one

Our Mission

To be the first official HUB for gamers and cosplayers in Egypt and the middle east to serve this community and to deliver all news and exclusive offer gamers to reach the highest gaming experience and to proof that Arabian gamer classified as top gamers in the market

Our Services

Gamer Shards Alawys listen and serve gaming and gamers Community. You can check the below to see how we serve our community.

Gamer Shards Mobile application

Our mobile application delivers the latest news, events and discount for gamers, this app is the most important app in gamers mobile.

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Media Coverage

when you call gamer shards team to cover your event, it means you will never lose a second from it and you will enjoy every part of the event through our camera's eyes.

Our Works

Soical Media Content

We cover soical media events and news to introduce them for gamers after several filtration process.

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Engage For Gamers

Either Streamers or Buyers, we always offer support to them and to find the best places to buy their stuff in a good quality and a good price as well.

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